Bruce's Range of Experience

Bruce has edited papers concerning a broad range of nursing specialties. Following is a partial list:

Ambulatory care nursing

Advanced practice nursing

Burn nursing

Cardiac nursing

Cardiac intervention nursing

Medical case management

Community health nursing

Critical care nursing

Emergency nursing

Environmental health nursing

Gastroenterology nursing

Genetics nursing

Geriatric nursing

Hospice and palliative care nursing

Hyperbaric nursing

Immunology and allergy nursing

Intravenous therapy nursing

Infection control nursing

Infectious disease nursing

Maternal-child nursing

Medical-surgical nursing

Military and uniformed services nursing

Neonatal nursing

Neurosurgical nursing

Nephrology nursing

Nursing management

Nursing research

Nurse midwifery

Obstetrical nursing

Occupational health nursing

Oncology nursing

Orthopedic nursing

Ostomy nursing

Pediatric nursing

Perianesthesia nursing

Perioperative nursing

Public health nursing

Pulmonary nursing

Quality improvement

Radiology nursing

Rehabilitation nursing

Renal nursing

Sub-acute nursing

Substance abuse nursing

Surgical nursing

Transplantation nursing

Urology nursing

Wound care