Bruce Smith, MA, ELS: Bio

Bruce Smith, MA, ELS, is a board-certified editor to the nursing profession.* He edits dissertations and course papers, research articles, grant proposals, and other types of nursing-related literature. His clients and students include nursing students, faculty members, researchers, and school administrators. His clients have come from over 50 universities and medical centers (including UCSF School of Nursing, Duke University, and Stanford Medical Center).

Support for nurses to attend Bruce’s courses and to work with him as an editor and writing mentor has come from the American Nurses Association, the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, UCSF Nursing Alumni Foundation, Shriners Hospital for Children, UC Davis Medical Center, and the Firefighters Burn Institute.

Bruce also consults on academic writing policies, English for Medical Purposes (EMP)/nursing science ESL, and health literacy curricula. He been an investigator in studies of (a) scientific writing policy and EMP programs at U.S. nursing schools, (b) challenges for U.S. nursing schools in implementing scientific writing programs for international students, (c) challenges for internationally trained nurses who study or work in the United States, (d) clinical miscommunication/medical error; comprehension of prescription drug labeling and instructions by patients with low health literacy, and (e) factors influencing communication, therapeutic interventions, and therapy outcomes.

Bruce began his career in scientific communication as a copy editor for Oxford University Press Scientific Textbook Division. In graduate school, he worked as education coordinator in the quality and patient education departments of an acute care medical center. In the U.S. Army, Bruce served as an operating room technician and a medical corpsman.

* Bruce received board certification through the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences.


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